my story


Hi there, its Sharon

While everything around me keeps moving fast and virtual, the earthy elements of clay allows me to slow down and be present. 

Currently living in Southern California, clay continues to be my home, keeping me and my family grounded and close to the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Everything in this display was made by my own hands and received my utmost attention, care and thought. Most of the homeware was created on the pottery wheel, then fired and glazed, using custom glazes. All of my creations are food safe (unless its says differently) 

I have a deep appreciation for all craftsmanship and for all artists. I believe that surrounding ourselves with art and crafts creates a happier and comforting atmosphere in our homes.

My hope is that you will find here ceramics objects that fit your home style and desires. That perhaps, you look forward to drinking your first cup of coffee, using your favorite handmade ceramics mug.


Enjoy, find peace and be happy... 

* Go out, surround yourself with nature as much as possible

* Encourage and support small and local businesses 

* Don't give up on creativity!


Thank you for reading